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Monday, March 2, 2009

{SNOW DAY!} Hampton Roads

I was super excited about a snow day---but then I realized that I work for myself and that doesn't really make a difference. whomp whomp :(

Living in Hampton Roads my whole life I have come to understand that we cannot drive in the snow. Literally 1/4" of snow and the entire city shuts down. For instance, last month, weather forecasters were predicting a MAJOR snow storm...I mean, they were shutting schools & offices the night before...WITH NO SNOW ON THE GROUND. Much to everyone's surprise, we all woke up with not a single snowflake---no dusting, no rain, NOTHING. So when I heard last night that we were getting snow I didn't believe it for a second! Much to my surprise I woke up to a nice sheet of snow--- Yay!!!

Scott & I did not venture out into the snow--I mean, we don't have any kids, and I worried that if I let Scott in the snow he would try to put on his snowboard and then we would have big problems....we just stayed snuggled up in the house & I made my mothers famous chicken salad---yum!

Even though we didn't go out in the snow, my nephew, Jacob ventured out into the snow for the first time!! Sarah & Dan took him out to play with his friend Brandon...and it was an interesting experience to say the least :)

Here is a picture of Dan & Jacob--- How sweet :)

This is not long after----

This could seriously be one of the best pictures I have ever seen. Aunt Dana is going to pack this one up nice and safe so we can show it at your wedding :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful snow day! I'm off to go out to dinner and watch the finale of The Bachelor, ow ow!

ps: after all of this talk of snow, can we just discuss how it suppose to be 72 on Saturday?

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