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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Duncan Fun Night!

In case you didn't already know, my husband and I are kinda big dorks! Sometimes we feel like we haven't really grown up at all and a couple weeks ago {ok, right after Christmas :) }was a perfect example of that.

We were all set to go out for dinner and a movie, when we noticed it was now pouring down rain and decided against it. Instead we stayed in and did something that brought us both back to our childhoods------ we built a tent!!!! And I'm not talking about a little dinky-pre-made-tent...we made a MEGA tent :) We started by gathering all the blankets and sheets and tent building supplies we could get our hands on. It started in the sunroom before eventually spilling over into the kitchen and living room.

So here are some pictures of our awesome tent and all the great memories it brought back from our childhoods!! Hope you guys enjoy!

Our Masterpiece :)

Entering from the kitchen:

We had to bring in some lighting..impressive, huh?

The Duncans :)

Our backup lighting...Why we have glow sticks....I'm not sure :/


Building tents takes a lot of work----and it still sucks cleaning them up :(

Happy Friday!




Justine G. said...

Building tents is so much fun! What a perfect way to feel like a kid again! I like to get in touch with my inner child by riding the occasional carousel with my kids!

Cola said...

Neverland is in your heart.....

Laura said...

You weren't kidding about the size of the tent! I'm really impressed.