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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun with Jacob!

Today Jacob spent the day with his awesome Aunt Dana & Uncle Scott :) We hung out, watched Shrek 2, went to the gardens for a photo shoot, took him to McDonalds for a yummy happy meal and ice cream cone & then we all took a very long nap :)

When Jacob first arrived we were all running around the house chasing each other and all of the sudden Jacob was running towards me with something in his hand. It took me a second to realize what was happening...but then I noticed I had just been KNOBLICH'd! Are we kidding?!?! Scott used our poor nephew to Knoblich me!

Ok, so I admit that it was one of the better Knoblich's we've had, but he has no idea what I have in store for him :)

Here is one picture from our session today. I was trying to get Jakey to lay on the ground, and while Uncle Scott was fixing his outfit, I captured this expression--- How adorable :) it has been my background on my laptop all evening and I keep cracking up everytime I look at it. Normally I'm not a huge conversation-bubble-person; however, I felt this was necessary :)



Angela said...

he is just too cute! and those blue eyes... hes going to be a heart throb one day! and the bestttt part, he knobliched you! awesome.

Dawn said...

That is too funny that he KNOBLICH'd you!!!

That will be a good story for him when he's older

Holden's said...

I love everything about this picture and the best part is he KNOBLICH'D you!!! Classic all around.