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xoxo Dana :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

{Ahhhhhh :) }

So, I know I've been a little M-I-A lately, but with wedding season kicking off this Saturday, I've been taking the past week {or two} to get rested up and get those creative juices flowing :)

{I can't imagine that this is actually comfortable....but I'm sure I've looked weird on the couch this week too..}

So, a few weeks ago I finally took the time to get organized and order all of the new gear that I will need this year. Most of the items were small replacement items or backup gear, but I was SUPER excited about my new Canon 5d Mark II. I spent about 2 hours sifting through the website--adding way more that I had originally expected and becoming easily distracted by shiny objects :) As soon as I was finished browsing, I went to check out and noticed it was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than expected. I went to my shopping cart and noticed that my 5d {camera body} was missing. I headed back to add it to the shopping card and IT WAS BACK ORDERED! I was devastated. I called the customer service number and tried to get a little information on when I could expect more to arrive and the guy told me it could be weeks....or even. months. what.a.drag.

Long story short, the company received a shipment early last week and it has already been delivered to the Duncan's doorstep.

Introducing my new obsession, the Canon 5D Mark II: {insert ahhhhhhhhh}

21.1 Megapixel, Full-Frame Sensor, 3" Display, Live View Mode & 1080p Movie Mode = AMAZING.

Since the arrival of my new camera, I have noticed that I have started neglecting my first 5d. I am sure that I will retract this statement after Saturday--but it is still very sad :(

Now, this is where I need your help :)

Instead of referring to the cameras as the 5d, and the 5d Mark II {which can get confusing when there are 6 lenses floating around} I want to come up with some fun/short/socially acceptable nick names for them. Please leave your suggestions in the comment box and maybe you will be the lucky ones to choose the winning names :)

I hope everyone is having a great week!

xoxo dana


Stephen said...

I suggest "Walker" and "Texas Ranger". Or I guess you could go with "Dr Quinn" and "Medicine Woman". ;)

Angela said...

i love dr quinn medicine woman for other reasons... but thats a good suggestion! im thinking names like heyward, norman, ludwig, stuart, or wallace. orrrrrr one of the cameras could be named "baby" and the other "bruce" so you could always think about me and my boy!!

heather said...

ummm....i logged on to see if you blogged about the roller coaster!! where is it?? also, i picked up twilight today =) we'll talk saturday!