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Sunday, October 5, 2008

{Sunday Snapshot 10.05.08}

I absolutely love this Sunday's snapshot....partially because it is my ring this week, and mostly because of the great story behind the gift. Last week my husband and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We get pretty competitive when it comes to gift giving and we both spent a ton of time trying to buy a great gift.

When we got married we decided it would be a really great if we could follow the traditional wedding anniversary gift rules. The first year was paper (We each bought each other some monogrammed stationary) and the second anniversary is cotton. I really wanted to buy Scott a new pair of Ray-Ban's so I convinced myself that if the case the the glasses came in contained some amount of cotton that it would pass (long stretch I know, but he needed sunglasses for Antigua and I really wanted to surprise him :) ) At the same time, little did I know, Scott was running into the same problem {My husband is the BEST gift giver--not even kidding}
Anyway, on the 29th he brought me a bag that contained a hot pink beach towel from Sandals. I was really excited because it was the towel that I had my eye on the whole week at the gift shop. I was very impressed that he not only noticed that I wanted it----but managed to sneak into our luggage. I was so excited that I almost overlooked the real present wrapped inside the towel---I'm so glad I didn't!

We may not follow the gift list perfectly, but it is all about making memories of our family---and I wouldn't trade it for anything :)

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