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Monday, July 28, 2008

Matt White :)

Last September I was headed out the Norfolk Botanical Gardens to shoot a wedding when I heard a song called, "Best Days" by Matt White on the radio. I just loved the song and I could not stop singing it! I am pretty sure I liked it so much because of the catchy chorus and because it reminded me of what an amazing 7.5 years that Scott & I have had. I couldn't get the song out of my head so as soon as I got home that night I downloaded it from iTunes. Since then, I have been hooked on their CD {especially, "Love", “New York Girls” and “Play”}---you should definitely check him out!

{fastforward 10 months...}

About a month ago Scott and I decided to head up to Richmond to hear Matt White and his band play at a venue called the Canal Club---I honestly think it was one of my favorite concerts of all time! We were lucky to have a table up front and we literally sat 8 feet from the stage. After the concert we were able to talk to Matt for a little bit and he is such a down-to-earth person! Then last night we headed over to the Norva to see Matt play again and his concert was great—as always! Here are a couple of pictures from our concerts, Enjoy!

Matt White & his band :) {The Norva}


Me & Matt at the Norva Me & Matt at the Canal Club-Richmond VA
Singing "Love"

Me & my autographed CD in front of the canal club---I have so much potential to be a major groupie---hahah

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