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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

{Sneak Peek} Jessi & Chris

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with Chris and Jessi for their engagement session in downtown Norfolk & Virgina Beach. Chris and I grew up next door to each other and it is crazy to see how we have all grown up!

Funny story about this session. When we arrived to the beach we headed to a pretty quiet beach access and I kicked my flip-flops off right when I hit the sand {I mean really, who walks in the sand with shoes?!?} We headed down to the water and spent about an hour getting some great shots. As we headed to our cars I realized that SOMEONE HAD STOLEN MY FLIP-FLOPS! Are we kidding? These were no ordinary sandals either---they were my favorite reef flip flops that I have spent the past 2 years breaking in to fit just right. I swear just the week before I was thinking how great they were for sessions.... To make matters worse, I needed to stop by the ladies room before I made the 45 minute trip home....so I headed to the local Sunsations store and ran in really quickly and grabbed a pair of $1.99 shoes to get me home. I ran to the back {as I am cringing at the thought of walking barefoot in public} and grab the first pair of size 6 shoes I see. I head the register, paid, told the lady my ridiculous story, she cuts the tags off my new shoes and I put them on....ONLY TO REALIZE THE ARE A SIZE 9!

At this point I was so defeated that I just left in my clown shoes and got in the car. I still miss those reefs....

Anyhow, Chris & Jessi, I had a great time! I hope you guys enjoy the Sneak Peek!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pictures and my favorite would have to be the ring in the meter...very clever!!